Have you been trying to figure out how to incorporate? Well you are in the right place! Not only will I handle your entity creation, but I will also handle all the “other stuff” that you have to do after incorporation, to ensure you are operating the most effective and efficient business.  Bank accounts, state and IRS accounts, payroll, credit cards, 401k’s and a few other items are all important to implement as well. Obviously this can be a maze for a first timer, so work with someone who has done it over a dozen times! (that would be me:)


Have you been trying to figure out how to incorporate?

You are not alone! If you want to do it right, while also getting the most value for the effort, schedule a free chat. I have created over a dozen entities for myself, and helped many other folks do the same.


ENTITY CREATION: I will create your INC or LLC entity, with an S-Corp classification. I will use for this.

STATE AND FEDERAL EMPLOYER ACCOUNTS: I will establish payroll accounts with your state and the fed. You will need these account numbers to run payroll.

BANK ACCOUNT: I will assist you in setting up a bank account for your business. We will link it under your personal account login, so it’s very easy to manage your business and personal accounts and transfer funds.

PAYROLL: I will set up your payroll service, so you can give yourself an annual W2 salary. You’ll want to pay for the service every month so that they fill your quarterly payroll returns with the fed and state.

CREDIT CARDS: You should start establishing credit for your business, which can be used for a variety of purposes in the future. I will assist you in applying for the most appropriate business credit card.

401K ACCOUNT: I will assist you in opening a Self Employed 401K account. This is a huge tool when it comes to tax planning and saving for retirement.

BUSINESS LICENSE FILING: I will assist you in establishing you business license with the city.


As you can see, just figuring out how to incorporate is not all that needs to happen. Beyond setting up the above, running a business takes a lot of continuous thought, work and execution. I can help you with a variety of your ongoing business needs. Some are listed below, but for a more extensive list of services visit my consulting page.

BOOKKEEPING: You will want to keep a set of books for your business. Furthermore, you really need to keep books for your personal finances as well. This is so important for success in business and in life. I use quicken home & business. It allows me to view all my personal accounts, business accounts, market investments and real estate investments in one application. This is something I can set up and manage for you for an additional fee.

CONSULTING: I work with you do figure out how your business is performing and help you make the best decisions for ongoing improvement and success. I have extenbsive experience in finance, marketing, branding, operations, technology and real estate.

TAX RETURNS: You will need to file a tax return for your business and yourself at the end of the year. You can do this with an accountant, or even a service like H&R block or Turbotax depending on your situation. This is also something I can assist you with for an additional fee.

ANNUAL ENTITY FILINGS: There are a few additional annual filings may need to do depending your state. I can handle these for you as well.

WEBSITE CREATION: There are a few ways to get this done. I can assist you in determining the easiest and/or best way for you to create a site. Im not a website expert, but I  built and manage my own sites in WordPress. I have also created a couple other sites in Squarespace. I can certainly walk you through the process.


Please be aware that there are some additonal fees beyond the package cost (which is only covering my time).

Creating the Entity: This is for the IncFile service and the state filing fees. Approximately a $150-250 one-time setup fee, depending on the state and options you choose.


Please understand that your tax savings will surpass these fees by quite a lot, making them well worth the ongoing maintenance cost. Also, you can even earn up to about $1000 in new account incentives.

Registered Agent Fee: The registered agent is basically a mailing address in the state you incorporate. If that is your home state, you just use your own address for 0$ or, pay roughly $200 annually to use a service in another state.

Business Bank Account: Banks charge anywhere from $0-180 annually for a basic business checking account. However, IncFile offers a few cash back options for setting up an account with BofA. Im sure other banks have bonus offers as well. So you can make up to $450 back in incentives depending what bank you go with.

Payroll & Quarterly Payroll Tax Filings: If you wait until Q4 to establish your state and federal accounts, its $0 for year of incorporation, then $360-$600 annually depending on which payroll company you use, or $0 if you do it yourself. (Though I would recommend a payroll service).

Credit Card for You Business: You can actually make up to $500 with bonuses from the various available credit cards.

Self-Employed (Solo) 401K (Optional): The account with Fidelity is $0 to set up and have. It does not require any annual filings until it has over 250K in the account. After that you can file this or have your CPA do it for a fee.

Bookkeeping Software: If you go with my recommendation of Quicken, you’ll be paying about $60-100 annually. There is no need to use Quickbooks for a single owner entity.

Tax Returns: The cost of doing the tax return for your business will be $150-1500 annually depending on how you do it. This range is doing yourself with Turbo Tax vs using a CPA.

Minimum State Taxes: State taxes can be $0-800 depending on the state.

Minimum City Taxes: City taxes can be $0-100 depending on the city.

Other Annual Filings Fees: These filings include statements of information and the like. $0-50 annually. You can pay me or your CPA to do this for a fee as well, but it’s easy to do yourself.




  1. Josh Martin

    We hired Joe to help with our incorporation, business bookkeeping and tax guidance…turns out we were doing a lot of things wrong. Joe quickly put us on the right path, and is working with our CPA to achieve the best results. It all went super smooth.

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